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Our vision at Power Research Inc. is to provide the consumer market with the same industrial grade chemistries used in our large industrial applications.

Our philosophy is that the consumer has the right to enjoy the same full benefit package that PRI provides to industrial clients.

The realization of our efforts is PRI-D for diesel, and PRI-G for gasoline.

These chemistries offer a premium level of power and strength in achieving top fuel performance.

Your engine will run cleaner, smoother, and with greater efficiency. Diesel users will be impressed with the great reduction in smoke and soot. All users will experience quick and reliable start-ups.

PRI-OCIDE is our fast acting anti-microbial chemistry. It is water soluble and is the perfect companion to our PRI-D for contamination control and fuel filter cleanliness.

PRI-G For Small Engines is our compact version of PRI-G. It is conveniently packaged for easy and effective application by users of small engines.

As a client of PRI consumer products, you will be participating in our PRI Green Fuel Program. PRI products provide proven reductions in carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and particulates.

When you use PRI chemistries, you conserve your money, you reduce your fuel consumption and you become a better citizen of planet Earth by helping keep our air cleaner.

  • PRI-D
    Industrial-Grade Diesel Treatment
  • PRI-G
    Complete Gasoline Treatment
  • PRI-G
    For small engines.